Konica Minolta South Africa Announces Automated Digital Corrugated Press

Konica Minolta South Africa Announces Automated Digital Corrugated Press

In the dynamic world of modern marketing, digital packaging has surged to the forefront of demand. The packaging itself has exceeded its conventional role, evolving into a paramount vehicle for conveying a brand’s essence to its audience. With an unprecedented imperative to captivate attention, bolster revenue, and offer unparalleled quality, agility and personalisation, packaging has never been more pivotal.

Konica Minolta’s PKG-1300 high-speed, automatic digital corrugated and folding-carton printer heralds a new era in packaging. The PKG-1300 provides vibrant colours that are water resistant, while also smoothly combining automatic feeding and unloading. However, it’s not just about technology, it represents a big change in how packaging is approached.

Gone are the days when corrugated packaging was referred to the periphery of shipping logistics. Today, the innovative ‘box-to-shelf’ concept is being used worldwide, becoming a strategic tool to safeguard, showcase and deliver products.

The PKG-1300 empowers users to enhance corrugated packaging with intricate graphics, thus conquering the realm of short-run market dynamics affordably and economically. Versatility is its forte, as it gracefully navigates diverse media, from pristine flat boards to meticulously pre-die cut folded and glued boxes, accommodating thicknesses of up to 50mm. The result is quality packaging that brands demand.

Designed for corrugated manufacturers, converters, printers, and visionary brand custodians, the PKG-1300 embodies the digital print solution for the modern age. In a world that thrives on instantaneity, its print-on-demand capability for customised short-run box printing not only saves time and money but it’s defined as a vital asset.

The PKG-1300 has proven inkjet technology, filled with water-based pigment ink. Print speeds include: 27 metres per minute at 300 x 1200dpi resolution, 18 metres per minute at 600 x 1200dpi resolution, and 9 metres per minute at 1200 x 1200dpi resolution. It features Ergosoft RIP technology, automatic feeding, stacking and effortless installation.

Other features include a unique user-friendly printer interface, a software dashboard to view printer operations and ink levels at a glance with ink consumptions per job level, as well as easy access to 5-litre ink tanks.

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