Konica Minolta Recognised For Commitment To Helping Its Customers Grow Their Digital Maturity

Konica Minolta Recognised For Commitment To Helping Its Customers Grow Their Digital Maturity

Konica Minolta has been named a world leader by IDC MarketScape for print transformation.

In the IDC MarketScape: ‘Worldwide Print Transformation 2020 Vendor Assessment’, Konica Minolta was named a ‘Leader’ in the print industry, with the company recognised for its connected office vision.

‘This global assessment acknowledges that we are a ‘Leader in Print Transformation’,’ said Mohammed Vachiat, Head of Sales and Innovation at Konica Minolta South Africa. Referencing current events that led to a surge in digital work, he explained the potential for its customers, ‘As a result of the pandemic, we have all been part of the world’s biggest home-office project. Overnight, companies around the globe needed to ensure that work gets done and business continues. At the same time, they had to ensure the protection of their employees’ health – this surely has made digital transformation a prime concern.’

He continued by explaining that the ‘new normal’ of hybrid offices will accelerate the need for a more connected and intelligent digital workplace – one that enables remote access to business-critical workflows and data at all times. ‘Our mission is to help our customers reach the next level in the digital maturity of their organisation. We help them to efficiently drive and control this transformation process by simplifying and leveraging IT on their terms, based on their specific needs. We provide the tools and knowledge to achieve this.’

Konica Minolta’s portfolio is also recognised by the IDC MarketScape in its report, ‘Konica Minolta’s product evolution involves a continuum of products and services including hardware, managed services, and business process automation integrated into an Intelligent Connected Workplace.’

‘In both product development and implementation for each customer, we pursue an uncompromising customer-centric approach. It fills us with pride that IDC MarketScape recognised our vision and dedication on delivering customer value,’ added Vachiat.

IDC MarketScape assessed that Konica Minolta technology is human centred, so understanding the motivations, wants and needs of the worker is essential. The company will focus on the ‘why’ when implementing new technology and not just the ‘how’.

One main reason for the classification as a leader is Konica Minolta’s practice of partnering for holistic printing and office IT solutions. The report highlights a specific product example of Konica Minolta’s digital solutions: ‘Konica Minolta’s MarketPlace platform represents a key element in the company’s Intelligent Connected Workplace vision. The Konica Minolta MarketPlace platform makes it easy for customers to access the tools they need to connect their MFPs to various industry-related, security and cloud service apps.’

Amongst its IT solutions, Konica Minolta is also providing its small and medium-sized business customers with a literal ‘hub’ for their IT, the Workplace Hub. The Workplace Hub brings together best-in-class hardware with compatible software and managed services, unburdening and empowering their IT.

Konica Minolta’s leadership role in driving the digitalisation makes it an attractive partner both for customers as well as investors: Within the framework of their DX Stock 2020 programme, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) organised the Competitive IT Strategy Company Stock Selection. It highlights companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange that are particularly attractive for investors that prioritise improving corporate value over the medium to long term. Konica Minolta is one of these companies. The company has been highly rated with regard to the potential of its new business model, including digital transformation support services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) under its Intelligent Connected Workplace.

‘We are extremely honoured by this recognition from the industry and IDC for our connected office strategy, and look forward to building upon the strong foundation we’ve established through additional services and features,’ concluded Vachiat.


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