Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd has won awards for Outstanding Performance of Workflow Sales and Outstanding Performance Process-less plate Sales in the Europe Africa Middle East (EAMER) Region at Kodak’s EAMER Annual Dealer Meeting held recently in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ronnie Louw, Regional Manager Western Cape, Antalis, represented the company at the awards. ‘Apart from being over the moon with the two awards; the awards are symbolic of the strong partnership between Kodak and Antalis. They also show the appetite for these products is strong locally and that South African companies are environmentally aware,’ he said.

The Kodak Sonora XP’s (process-less plate) technology allows businesses to operate without processing and chemicals traditionally associated with the processing or clean out step.

‘The reduction in water and energy use is good news for the environment, but it’s more than that,’ said Louw. ‘It allows a business to save on costs and therefore be more competitive as well as environmentally sustainable. The cost savings stretch beyond the direct saving on the chemistry. Administrative expenses associated with legal compliance is removed, while disposing of the chemistry, maintenance, electrical, plumbing, the supplies to clean the equipment and the printer, and the buying and storing of the chemistry are all costs that are greatly reduced or even eliminated.’

The Kodak Sonora XP’s Process-less plate technology means you can print green or sustainable print, including recycled stocks and IPA-free fonts. It delivers the print capabilities and productivity of mainstream plates.

The plate is capable of run lengths up to 200 000 impressions on heatset, and commercial coldest web presses up to 100 000 impressions on sheetfed presses, up to 50 000 impressions for non-UV offset packaging applications and up to 10 000 impressions for UV-ink applications. The plates also offer high-quality 20 micron FM screening capability on plate setters with ‘SquareSpot’ Technology and AM screening of 1-99% at 200 lpi.

‘The technology has advanced to the point that more printers than ever before can take advantage of both the economic and environmental benefits, without sacrificing productivity or print quality,’ said Louw.

To further reduce prepress costs and errors as well as improve turn-around times, Kodak’s Workflow systems provide an open infrastructure for conventional and digital print production.

The company recently released Prinergy Workflow 6. The next revolution in workflow, version 6 provides a new level of automation, accuracy and efficiency through intent-based automation that starts from the point of order entry to the final assembly of the printed product. This delivers tighter quality control and fewer manual touch points.

It gives lower costs of production by driving costs from each production step – from pre-production, to planning, production and manufacturing. This is achieved through automation upstream, to your customer’s order, and down steam, to your digital presses and CTP devices.

The system allows for collaboration between customers and staff. Using an Apple iPad app or any computer with a standard web browser, jobs can be uploaded, reviewed, annotated and approved at anytime and anywhere. Customer service reps are also informed of a job status at all times.