Kodak Releases Offline Coating Solution


The new Kodak Prosper Image Optimiser Station (IOS) Offline Coating Solution extends Kodak’s industry-leading paper treatment solution from an in-line process to one decoupled from the printing process itself.

Kodak’s expertise in inkjet technology, ink formulation and the interaction with various substrates allows this standalone solution to treat a wide variety of papers. This offline solution enables optimal substrate preparation for use with KODAK Prosper Presses, leading to more operational control.

Inkjet printing continues to experience unit and page volume growth across many applications and geographies. A major hindrance to this growth, however, has been the limited availability of appropriately-treated paper for inkjet applications, particularly for printers in areas of the world where inkjet-coated papers are not readily available. This special paper must come pretreated from a paper mill or be treated by a print service provider (PSP) prior to print job activation.

Paper mills, still primarily dedicated to paper production for offset and flexographic applications, have been unable to meet the demand for inkjet paper production. As a result, PSPs are now turning to the KODAK PROSPER IOS Offline Coating Solution available for all applications. It is an alternative source for inkjet treated paper, as demand has increased for a high-quality paper treatment process that won’t create bottlenecks in their operations and supply chains.

KODAK PROSPER IOS Offline Coating Solution
• Provides users with a high degree of paper flexibility and paper cost savings by enabling the use of commercially-available regular coated, uncoated and glossy papers between 45gsm – 300gsm.
• Decouples paper production from the printing process, allowing for more flexibility in the pretreatment of papers and scheduling of print jobs.
• Puts PSPs in a position to prepare pretreated inkjet paper operating with a throughput range of 76,2m-198,12 (250-650 ft/min).
• Shipments of the Kodak Prosper IOS Offline Coating Solution will begin in June.

‘Print service providers that rely on the highest-quality inkjet offerings as a competitive differentiator have been handcuffed by the lack of treated paper for their inkjet jobs,’ said Will Mansfield, Worldwide Director of Sales and Marketing for Inkjet Presses, Eastman Kodak Company. ‘The Kodak Prosper IOS Offline Coating Solution is a product of rethinking the coating and pretreatment process to put our customers in the best position to run a profitable high-quality inkjet operation.’

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