Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd has
welcomed William Bell, who has joined Kodak South Africa as its
Pre-Sales Consultant. Bells appointment signifies Kodak’s continued
commitment to provide extensive support for its product line.

host to any member of the Kodak team is always a pleasure, said
Antalis Director Keith Solomon. As is their modus operandi, Kodak
continually monitor their services to ensure that clients are receiving
optimal service. Having acknowledged that there was a gap to be filled
in terms of the technical skills that their South African team offered,
they immediately created the career opportunity that Warren has just

I began my career as a
Graphic Designer but soon realised that my interests were becoming more
focused on the print industry in general. I find the technology behind
the equipment we’re working with fascinating albeit highly challenging
at times. There is no greater opportunity for me currently than to join
Kodak because I believe the company offers extensive opportunities for
me to broaden my horizons within South Africa and Africa on the whole –
although my sites are set even further – in fact one of my first trips
will be to Belgium in the next month or so, said Bell.

We, at Antalis, are thrilled
with this appointment and have already taken the opportunity to benefit
from his expertise but more importantly, we look forward to watching as
Warren’s career with Kodak goes from strength to strength, concluded