Kenyan Flexible Packaging Specialists Invest In BOBST Technology


Nairobi-based Platinum Packaging Ltd specialises in providing customers with tailor-made solutions to all their flexible packaging and labelling requirements. In a change to its previous operational methodology, the company has implemented two highly automated BOBST MASTER M6 inline flexo presses with oneECG technology. The Kenyan flexible packaging specialist made this strategic investment to optimise its production floor and operations.

Platinum Packaging supplies brand owners in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and construction industries. With a total annual production of 580 tons, it continuously adapts to meet evolving packaging demands.

Established in 2019, the company initially concentrated solely on gravure printing relying on machinery including a state-of-the-art BOBST NOVA RS 5003 press complemented by a NOVALAM S 550 solventless laminator. However, a fire in 2022, which damaged the facility, caused a severe setback.

As CEO Hasit Patel and his team began the reconstruction, they identified an opportunity to reassess their operation and pursue innovative new strategies. This included extending its partnership with BOBST to include two new MASTER M6 inline flexo presses equipped with oneECG and DigiFlexo automation.

‘The fire gave us an opportunity to rethink our approach and introduce more BOBST technology to address some of our major pain points, mainly long set-up times due to colour matching, high levels of set-up waste and slow speed to market,’ stated Patel.

‘The introduction of the MASTER M6 presses has been instrumental in improving our efficiency for short runs, thus optimising our wide web and gravure presses for more extensive runs as well as ensuring uniformity across all our output,’ he explained. ‘This last piece of the puzzle has truly augmented the capacity of the other presses.’

The integration of the MASTER M6 presses with the existing machinery has significantly enhanced the production capabilities for Platinum Packaging. In particular, the introduction of BOBST oneECG (Extended Color Gamut) technology has been critical, leading to notable increases in efficiency and flexibility, along with high-quality print results, faster job transitions and enhanced prepress efficiency.

OneECG technology, which digitalises colour matching with an extended colour gamut, reduces the need for costly and often wasteful spot inks, making colour reproduction consistent and repeatable.

‘Thanks to oneECG, we’ve achieved great improvements in productivity, reductions in downtime, and significant savings on waste of materials and time,’ Patel explained.

‘OneECG has disrupted our operations as it is compatible and consistent across different applications and technologies, enabling more efficient set-ups and faster job completion. Digital colour matching has significantly expedited our processes, enhancing business continuity and consistency. The automated set-up procedure has also reduced substrate waste to less than 30 metres, and we can execute on-the-fly job changes in a couple of minutes. This makes the M6 powered by oneECG one of the most disruptive technologies I’ve seen in recent years.’

The support from BOBST during this significant undertaking has been instrumental in maximising the capabilities of oneECG. Thanks to Daragh Whelan, BOBST’s Application Technical Director, the transition has been smooth and successful.

A flexo printing expert specialised in using oneECG for labels and packaging, Whelan works closely with customers to drive efficiencies and help operators get to grips with the intricacies of an extended colour gamut workflow. At Platinum Packaging, he also assisted in establishing a new prepress department, as the company scaled up and fully digitalised the colour matching process with oneECG.

Patel praised the technical support provided by BOBST and Whelan’s involvement, ‘Throughout this endeavour, Whelan has given us invaluable support allowing us to achieve the best possible outcomes from oneECG, supporting us in a management change shift and optimising the usage of the MASTER M6 presses together with the rest of our technologies.’

Establishing a milestone in the history of Platinum Packaging, BOBST’s MASTER M6 technology, with DigiFlexo automation and oneECG printing, has enabled the Kenyan company to reposition itself in the market with an enhanced value proposition. Now its brand owner customers can enjoy improved order flexibility with reduced lead times and lower minimum order quantities (MOQs) and still expect exceptional colour quality and consistency.

Looking back, Patel said, ‘This strategic partnership with BOBST was not just a choice but a necessity and it has been truly transformative. With the advanced MASTER M6 flexo presses, we have been able to expand our product range, particularly in the food industry, by providing printing and converting services with inline capabilities, among others for shrink sleeves.’

He concluded, ‘But more than that, this evolution represents a paradigm shift in our approach. By adopting BOBST oneECG process, we have embarked on a path of continuous improvement. It has allowed us to serve our customers with greater agility and respond promptly to unexpected demands, thereby strengthening their confidence in Platinum Packaging.’

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