Kemtek Imaging Systems has supplied and installed a Screen Platerite Ultima 16000II CtP system, TrueFlow workflow system and in-line Ovit Galaxy plate oven at Nampak Divfood. The company has invested several million rand to upgrade its diverse manufacturing and printing capabilities. As part of this immense undertaking, it has made giant strides to enhance its entire printing department, including a dedicated prepress division with a specially-built climate-controlled room to house its latest acquisition.

‘We have an array of printing presses on-site, and we needed a plate making system with specific profiling that would suit our current mix perfectly,’ said Jan van der Linde, divisional operations engineer (printing and coating). ‘Printing on metal is a far bigger challenge than printing on paper and our previous computer to film system pales in comparison to the Screen Platerite Ultima 16000II series.’  

Incorporating Screen’s Trueflow SE workflow system, the Screen prepress equipment can easily manage the dot gain curve of each printing press at the company and adjust it automatically to produce a plate profile that will suit each station, guaranteeing a perfect print result every time.  

‘We deal with international customers who require exact print results for their products so it’s imperative that our profiling is perfect,’ said van der Linde. ‘We can now ‘nest’ files from our customers and, using a cutting-edge RIP engine, produce real-life proofs on our Epson printer. It’s quick and accurate and proofs can be signed off almost immediately. Real plates can then be produced for a perfect print result.’

The CtP system, which is a first for the company, took a short time to install and commission and the entire project was supervised by Johan Faurie, Kemtek’s regional product manager, in conjunction with Jan and Peet Visser, Nampak Divfood’s project manager.

‘From the start, Jan and the Nampak Divfood team knew what they wanted to achieve and worked tirelessly to make sure that the specially-built room for the system was nothing short of perfect. Kemtek has completed the entire installation and commissioning of the Screen equipment and we’ve also conducted thorough operator training on the entire CtP system, True Flow workflow and colour proofing,’ said Faurie. ‘Additionally, we will continue to support Jan and his team with network-based servicing and repairs, if required, along with our usual high level of local service and support.’

The latest generation in the series is a true multi-format plate setter. It’s designed for ultra-high quality and fast imaging and is capable of large, multi-format output from 4- to 16-page plates, in sizes as small as 650 x 550 mm up to 1,470 x 1,165 mm.

Screen has used GLV technology to develop a revolutionary multi-channel imaging head that enables remarkably high-speed and high-quality exposure. Featuring 512 individual laser beams, it exposes plates in wide swathes, which allows it to deliver unbeatable throughput without sacrificing quality.

It can output an impressive 31 plates /hour (1,448 x 1,143 mm) at 2,400 dpi, making it the world’s fastest plate setter in its class. It includes an autofocus function that helps prevent inconsistencies resulting from variations in plate type and thickness. Autofocus allows the recorder to create consistently sharp, well-delineated halftone dots and guarantees superior image quality at all times.  

Inline punching, fitted as standard, gives greater registration accuracy than either manual or off-line punching. Overall, it helps eliminate human error and supports faster press makeready.

Automation is a key element in the handling of large format plates and Screens renowned and reliable plate handling systems are integrated into the design of the platesetter. No contact is made with the sensitive emulsion side of the plate at any stage during transport, eliminating the risk of damage to the plate.

Behind the Screen Platerite Ultima 16000 II E is an OVIT Galaxy inline processing system composed of a SIRIO plate processor and SUN oven providing a constant, controlled high temperature. The hot air is circulated by two motor fans in a carefully insulated burning chamber with even heat distribution.  

Once processed, plates are fed via a transport belt system, made of stainless steel, to a cooling table that allows them to cool before washing and re-gumming. Once re-gummed and washed, plates are then conveyed to an automatic stacker, ready to go to press.

Besides offering significant quality improvements and quicker makeready, the platesetter is also environmentally-friendly. It’s fitted with an OVIT water recycler, which can recycle 100-litres of water, over and over again. This offers enormous cost savings.

‘What we have constructed and commissioned, in collaboration with the team from Kemtek, is really impressive. Overall, it’s a very exciting time for us and the modern, high-speed prepress equipment has definitely met and surpassed our expectations and needs. We can now offer customers a shorter lead time, superior quality and better service. Furthermore, we can produce at a very competitive price,’ confirms Jan.