INX Completes Expansion Of Research And Development Complex


The new addition to INX International Ink Co.’s research and development facility, which first opened in 1996, brings capacity to nearly 6500sqm (70,000 square feet). Approximately 20 additional chemists and support staff have been added, raising the total to 80 employees now servicing the INX customer base. The complex is located in West Chicago, Illinois and the new construction project which began in Fall 2017 has nearly doubled the amount of space.

Mark Hill, vice president, research and development director for INX International Ink Co., explains the significant improvements that have been made will address market needs and benefit all customers. ‘The expansion effort focused on growing specific markets such as energy curable inks and coatings and inkjet ink technologies of all types. Overall, this is a win-win situation that benefits all ink users.’

Hill indicated that more space was created for digital solutions, as well as for other growing market segments. ‘With increasing demand for our products, we added 464.5sqm (5000 square feet) to our digital print applications lab. It now houses several types of inkjet printers, printhead makers and delivery systems for more complete ink testing capabilities,’ said Hill. ‘We also devoted more space to our EHS/Regulatory department and equipment capabilities in our analytics department. The additional staff gives us the opportunity to better serve our customers regarding ever-increasing regulatory issues and other critical concerns, such as migration and troubleshooting issues.’