Intec Launches Automated Cutter

Intec Launches Automated Cutter

The ColorCut SC5000 cutter is shaping the future of die-cutting on lightweight card, paper and polyester for the print industry.

The revolutionary new type of automated cutter blends flatbed and sheet fed technologies, and it is perfect for digitally die-cutting and creasing lightweight card projects for packaging, Point of Sale as well as kiss-cutting sheet labels.

Intec Launches Automated Cutter


– 100% digital sheet cutter – no physical dies.
– Automated cutting and creasing to any shape.
– Cut through up to 350 micron media.
– Kiss-cut any sheet label media.
– Automated high-capacity sheet feeder for unattended and continuous operation.
– Accepts sub A4 to SRA3 and beyond.
– Cut multiple jobs in same unattended session.
– Includes dedicated ColorCut Pro software with Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDRAW® plugins.
– Compact 1sqm footprint, fully mobile device.

The machine offers 100% reliable high-volume auto feeding along with a dual tool head for both cutting and creasing. The ColorCut SC5000 is an on-demand digital sheet cutter with no dies or set-up costs. Targeted for busy print departments seeking an affordable, high-capacity device for complete unattended cutting production, the SC5000 combines ultra-reliable feeding with an instant job retrieval system and flawless high-speed cutting.

With high-capacity and ultra-reliable feeding, the cutter has been designed to provide unattended operation with particular attention paid to the feeding system to ensure class leading performance for card, vinyl labels or even tricky laminated sheets.

Also featured is easy to use automatic job retrieval – no skilled operator is required for cutting. When creating jobs, ColorCut Pro applies an auto assigned (editable) QR code to each design, while auto-saving the cutting file to the ColorCut Pro Job Library.

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