Industry Interview: Marc Pillay, Konica Minolta South Africa


Marc Pillay, chief executive officer of Konica Minolta South Africa, has almost 27 years of experience in the printing industry. In this Q&A, he shares insights into achieving success in the industry, as well as important industry-related changes.

Pillay started his career on the technical side of the printing industry in 1992. It was soon evident though that his strengths were in sales, products and marketing. He has held various roles including account manager, sales manager, channel manager, product manager, general manager and now CEO.

What do you enjoy most about working in the printing industry?

It is an ever-evolving industry with many disruptions and continuous convergence.

What important industry-related changes have you noticed?

I have witnessed and been part of the analogue-to-digital shift, decentralised-to-centralised solution methodology and, more recently, managed print services to managed services.

What advice do you have for someone starting out in the industry?

There is a lot to learn, so approach every opportunity with an open mind and be patient.

What is the key to being successful in this industry?

Perseverance, passion, dedication and drive.

Any hobbies or interests?

I enjoy the outdoors, especially being on the golf course. I love being in the bush and appreciating our beautiful country!