IECHO Cutting Innovation Enhances Productivity

IECHO Cutting Innovation Enhances Productivity

The PK1209 is another big breakthrough of IECHO in innovation. IECHO already has two models, the PK 0604 (cutting area: 600 x 400mm) and 0705 (700 x 500mm), but in 2020, some customers reflected that they hope to have a larger size machine. IECHO organised the research and development department and product department to study the feasibility of the production of new machines.

After a year of repeated debugging and inspection, the first PK1209 will be sent to customers. IECHO PK1209 covers an area of 3200mm x 1500mm x 1150mm, with a cutting area of 1200mm x 900mm, which has increased exponentially compared to the previous model and can cut A0 paper size material. The performance of the machine has been enhanced by increasing the thickness of the cutting material from the original 6mm to the current 10mm, which has greatly broadened the use of the machine.

At the same time, IECHO has also improved the collection area load capacity of the PK. The original PK model’s collection area could only carry materials weighing 20kg with a stacking thickness of 12cm (about 400 sheets of 250g cardboard), but now it can carry a staggering 500kg with a stacking thickness of up to 17cm (about 600 sheets of 250g cardboard). The increase in stacking thickness means less manual intervention in the loading process. 2400 sheets of cardboard needed to be loaded six times, but now it has been reduced to four times, further reducing labour costs and streamlining the operation process.

IECHO PK1209 uses the latest CCD camera model, which has higher precision and can automatically and accurately register contour cutting for various printed materials, avoiding manual positioning and printing errors for simple and accurate cutting. Multiple positioning methods can meet the processing needs of different materials and fully guarantee cutting accuracy.

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