Ibis Demonstrating New Smart-Binder Features


Ibis will demonstrate two new Smart-binder features at the 11th Hunkeler Innovation Days exhibition in Lucerne, Switzerland from 23-26 February.

The firm will exhibit the latest model of its Ibis Smart-binder SB-3 ‘Plus HS’ on the Canon stand, running inline with a high-speed continuous-feed inkjet printer and web cutter. The two new features that will be running on the Ibis Smart-binder, an Ibis ASA-100 Automated Stitch Adjust system and Ibis SBS-100 Sheet Buffer Module, have been developed in response to customer demand to run variable-data jobs with booklet thickness and number of pages continually changing.

The ASA-100 enables the Smart-binder stitcher to continually and automatically adjust the wire staples to perfectly suit the thickness of each booklet being stitched. This allows book thickness to vary continually ‘on-the-run’ between minimum and maximum.

The SBS-100 module will be installed in between the web cutter and the Smart-binder. The buffer receives printed sheets at a constant rate from the web cutter, as defined by the printer running speed, stores these sheets and feeds them at variable rates into the Smart-binder depending on the number of sheets in each booklet.

The SBS-100 allows very thin booklets, such as eight-pagers and four-page single sheets, to be mixed with thicker booklets while maintaining a constant, high printer web speed. It also allows the in-line Smart-binder to stop and restart if necessary without pausing the printing operation, enabling inline finishing without reducing printing efficiency.

Ibis managing director John Cracknell added, ‘We will also demonstrate the Smart-binder SB-3’s unique and patented ISG cold-glue process, as a high-quality binding alternative to wire stitching. Our latest Ibis technical advances will further demonstrate how our customers can benefit from the economies and advantages of digital printing and finishing processes, for an increasing range of diverse client segments and applications.’

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