Heidelberg Enhances Systemservice Portfolio


Heidelberg enhanced the comprehensive Systemservice technical portfolio with an extensive, customisable menu of modular products and services geared toward helping customers reduce waste, increase output and improve profitability on a sustainable basis.

The Heidelberg service portfolio now focuses on three key areas:
• Technical Services.
• Performance Services.
• Consulting Services.

Altogether, the reconfigured portfolio is comprised of 36 different service modules and gives customers the flexibility to choose among them. These modules begin with, but also reach substantially beyond, machine-based services to employee training and optimised equipment performance, to consultative services aimed at analysing operational strengths and weaknesses and identifying potential improvements.

Based on a business's specific needs, customers may select services on a one-off basis, choose one of Heidelberg's standardised bundles, or work with Heidelberg experts to develop a completely customised Performance Plus project that may include elements from each area. All services are designed to help print media companies strengthen and expand their performance and competitiveness in the long term.

‘Heidelberg has been building and enhancing the elements of its Systemservice portfolio for more than a decade,’ said Ulrich Koehler, senior vice president Systemservice at Heidelberg USA. ‘Because there's no such thing as a 'one size-fits-all' service solution, the current launch provides customers with a comprehensive menu of services and the flexibility to choose among them. Heidelberg's reconfigured Systemservice portfolio uniquely satisfies customers' growing demand for increased efficiency and lower operating costs.’

Technical Services

Keeping production equipment in top condition is the basis for guaranteed uptime and lays the foundation for achieving operational excellence. Heidelberg Technical Services ensures this through modules that cover repair service and parts, intelligent support and proactive maintenance services. Benefits include 24/7 access to Heidelberg's global network of experts, increased machine availability, and higher productivity through rapid support.

Options include on-site repairs by factory-trained service technicians (break-fix); preventive maintenance (lubrication, adjustment and parts replacement); and a wide range of Remote Services including troubleshooting, application support, remote inspection and new Remote Monitoring. More than 60 percent of electronic problems on presses and more than 90 percent of reported problems on Prinect/CTP Workflow Systems are solved remotely without an onsite visit.

Performance Services

Even a machine in top running condition may fail to achieve peak performance unless its operators are properly trained. For this reason, Heidelberg has extended its Systemservice portfolio to include a range of Performance Services aimed at developing the people who run the presses. After an Operator Evaluation first determines the areas where training is needed, Heidelberg can develop a customised programme for those needs.

Heidelberg also can perform optimised equipment maintenance on specific issues with clear goals and benefits. One such programme is Print Colour Management, a comprehensive service package designed to help users of Heidelberg equipment reach perfect colour coordination while reducing makeready times and waste. IT Services, another example, offers a range of equipment upgrades and retrofits, increasing the functionality of your system by adding new features and enhancing existing ones.

Consulting Services

Understanding operational data and employing the right processes is the third element that is needed for operational excellence and maximum performance. Heidelberg Consulting Services provide the right data, measuring metrics and evaluation tools to define output through key performance indicators. In addition, process analysis and employing sustainable production methods ensure higher efficiencies.

Through monthly Performance Reviews, Heidelberg guides the customer through the data and provides recommendations on how to improve output on an ongoing basis. During an on-site evaluation, current procedures are reviewed and opportunities for operational excellence are uncovered. Finally, a customised programme is designed that determines savings potential and a project plan for implementation. With these services, every customer can quickly benchmark his operational performance and determine future potential.

Performance Plus Projects

When the aim is to optimise the entire production sequence, Heidelberg offers Performance Plus, a consulting project that helps printers increase profits either by lowering costs per job produced or by achieving a higher total output per hour. ‘Measurable’ means benchmarked by the dollars and cents of a target amount that Heidelberg and the customer agree to when the Performance Plus consultation begins. 

After examining data, plant characteristics, and operator performance, Heidelberg experts work with the customer to develop a business case that calculates achievable savings and identifies ways to make them continuous. Only when the customer pockets the savings does Heidelberg collect a percentage of the target amount as its consulting fee.

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