Heidelberg Customer Showcases Primefire 106 Capabilities


Packaging print shop Warneke Paper Box recently installed a Primefire 106. The first digital printing system in B1 format in the USA and is the first standard-production machine delivered by Heidelberg worldwide.

Warneke Paper Box recently invited more than 60 visitors from the USA, Canada and Mexico to Denver for an open house, where it showcased the new machine and its capabilities. The Primefire prints top quality with a resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi, and boasts a wide colour gamut and stable colour consistency.

‘The print quality of the Primefire 106 is unlike anything else I’ve seen, and satisfies all my criteria for a digital platform,’ confirmed Stacy Warneke, president and CEO of Warneke. Steve Huppert, vice president and COO of Warneke added, ‘We can also migrate everything we’ve printed so far on our Heidelberg offset presses to the Primefire 106. The new digital business models, customisations and personalisations enable us to generate added value for our customers, and we expect that the Primefire will account for 25 percent of our sales volume in the future.’

Heidelberg launched the Primefire 106 at drupa 2016, and brought this machine to series-production readiness in just two and a half years. In Europe, three customers from the packaging and pharmaceutical are beta testing the press. The demand is especially high in the American, European, and Chinese markets. ‘We listened to our customers when they told us what they needed. This includes producing ever declining runs economically and meeting ever stricter regulations in packaging printing with counterfeit-proof packaging design,’ explained Montserrat Peidro-Insa, head of digital at Heidelberg. ‘With the Primefire 106, we can inspire our customers to try new business opportunities by making the production of unique packaging profitable, and enabling security features, connected packaging solutions, personalised designs, and faster product prototyping, among others. We have delivered and the machine is in high demand worldwide.’ The Primefire 106 is the recipient of the prestigious 2018 Intertech Technology Award.

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