Heidelberg Announces New App

Heidelberg Announces New App

Heidelberg Plus is the new gateway to Heidelberg’s digital ecosystem, which customers can enter with a single login and access all of Heidelberg’s digital offerings. Future applications will make use of cloud technologies, internet of things (IoT), big data, and AI to offer customers added value when it comes to running their companies.

As part of Innovation Week 2021, that took place from October 13-15 at the Wiesloch-Walldorf site under the slogan ‘Always a Step Ahead’, Heidelberg was showcasing Prinect Print Shop Analytics, the first cloud-based Prinect app offered through Heidelberg Plus that will become available to customers in the course of the coming year. This is a tool that enables users to determine the current performance of a print shop based on real-time data from the most important KPIs. Monitor KPIs in real time with Print Shop Analytics and optimise production

Many print shops still control their processes using outdated data and only have limited access to their current KPIs, which makes it difficult to quickly optimise many processes. Prinect Print Shop Analytics offers an integrated solution that records, evaluates and monitors the KPIs of a print shop in real time to optimise production by suggesting concrete courses of action with the help of artificial intelligence.

Customers can access it via Heidelberg Plus with an integrated user interface and single sign-on authentication. All generated dashboards, with the corresponding analytics and recommendations, are available to all authorised users at any location on their computer, tablet, or smartphone, as required. There is a notification system in place here that actively alerts the user to any problem areas.

‘With the first Prinect app available in Heidelberg Plus, our Heidelberg digital ecosystem is gaining momentum, and the customer benefits of digitisation are becoming increasingly apparent,’ said Ludwig Allgoewer, Global Head of Sales and Marketing at Heidelberg. ‘Market surveys have shown that our customers urgently want the functions of an app like Prinect Print Shop Analytics that they can use to quickly boost efficiency while systems are running, and also reduce costs at the same time.’ Heidelberg is developing Print Shop Analytics in collaboration with customers

In order to make the app ready for the market as quickly as possible, while also offering the desired practical functions, Print Shop Analytics is being developed as part of a joint project between Heidelberg and Pinguin Druck in Berlin, ‘Collaborating with Pinguin Druck is having a very positive effect on the user value of the very first cloud-based Prinect app,’ said Christopher Berti, Head of Software Solutions at Heidelberg. ‘This approach ensures that the functions we include in the app reflect actual market demands.’

‘Print Shop Analytics is becoming a game changer in our day-to-day work,’ said Alexander Mende, Managing Director at Pinguin Druck. ‘I will now be notified immediately by Print Shop Analytics if one of our printing presses fails or the print shop misses its targets. These notifications are set according to my personal preferences and I can see the detailed data immediately. This feature and the recommended courses of action the tool suggests help me make the right decision to promptly solve a problem.’

With Heidelberg Plus, the company is combining existing digital applications with new services for customers. In the future, a single point of access is all users will need for a complete overview of all the digital tools and services in the Heidelberg portfolio. This will make it quick and easy to obtain information, purchase items (eShop), and monitor their business. Over 1800 print shops already use Heidelberg Assistant (HDA) to access their production data. To obtain the relevant services, they need to be registered or have purchased specific services as a contract customer.

What is already impressing users more than anything is the option of using mobile devices to monitor machine operation, purchase consumables, or create service tickets. Regular HDA users range from large businesses with sites located in dozens of different countries to SMEs with just one site. ‘Key elements of the Heidelberg digital ecosystem such as HDA and the eShop have already developed very encouragingly,’ explained Allgoewer. ‘By merging these and other existing applications, and also integrating new ones, we will further enhance the benefits for customers.’

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