Harris And Bruno Debut ExcelCoat ZRS30 Sheet Spot Coater


Harris And Bruno International recently debuted its ExcelCoat ZRS30 Sheet Spot Coater made at Print 17. The ZRS30 uses a quick change flexo-style plate system and sophisticated camera registration technology that compensates for digital drift.

An inline/offline spot coater for UV and/or AQ chemistries, the ExcelCoat ZRS30 raises the bar in advanced finishing machinery. The ZRS30 has an integrated high speed camera sensor that picks up a printed target on the tail edge of each sheet. The sensor then instructs servo motors to accurately align the print to the coating head. This technology provides superior sheet registration.

The ExcelCoat ZRS30 has the ability to spot coat up to 762mm x 622mm (30 inch x 24.5 inch) sheets, with a maximum thickness of 0.6mm (0.024 inches). The ZRS30 also features automated wash up and coating pumping systems, and a quick change sleeve system to swap out coating plates quickly, making it the ideal fit for packaging and commercial print applications.

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