GPA Launches Substrate For HP Indigo Press


GPA has added the ultra digital 80# translucent text to their growing collection of innovative substrates for HP Indigo presses. Made with pristine cellulose fibres, this naturally translucent paper offers unrivalled clarity and post-press versatility that adds an elegant finishing touch to a variety of applications.

Ultra Digital Translucent Paper adds dimension to any project, and is a popular choice for overlays, fly sheets and bellybands for applications ranging from invitations to corporate collateral, direct mail and more. This sheet will perform flawlessly on press and give you beautiful results every time because it is HP Indigo certified and has a 30.48cm (12") white stripe on both short edges to trigger the HP Indigo optical sensors. It also offers two-sided printability for added versatility and design options.

Since these papers are made without resins and chemical additives, they are very soft to the touch and more easily folded than translucent sheets made with additives. Ultra Digital Translucent Paper can be easily scored, cut, folded, glued, UV coated, embossed, and foil stamped for endless creative uses. You can also print these papers with white ElectroInk to create clever special effects and play with its opacity. They are stocked and readily available in 46.99cm (18.5") x 31.75cm (12.5") sheets, with order minimums at only 100 sheets.

Ultra Digital Translucent Paper’s pure construction with superfine, responsibly-sourced fibres boast a variety of conservation properties. They are FSC certified, recyclable, biodegradable, and also acid-free and pH neutral. They are also naturally oil and grease resistant for added durability.

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