The company has announced the availability of Version 5.3 of its ColorProof/DotProof/FlexoProof proofing solution. The chargeable upgrade comes up with a client-server architecture that makes proofing simpler and more convenient. In addition to the GMG WebClient, the new version features numerous innovations for a wide range of applications, including remote proofing and production printing.

Via a WebClient, GMG ColorProof users for the first time have the possibility of creating, editing and monitoring proofing jobs from any PC or Mac within the corporate network. Consequently, several users can work with ColorProof at the same time. The configuration of spot-colour channels, in particular, is facilitated and accelerated by the WebClient. The impact of spot-colour changes can be seen in a visual job preview. Hotfolders can likewise be used from the WebClient.

The status of the individual printers can similarly be checked in the WebClient, including the option of interrupting or canceling a print job. It is also possible to keep an eye on several GMG ColorProof systems via a single WebClient.

Flexible calibration sets for production printers, such as the Roland LEC and VS series, reduce the calibration effort considerably. Calibration sets can now be grouped according to printer series, similar combinations of printing media, and printing modes. Consequently, a single calibration can be used for different printing and color modes, resolutions and media without any loss of quality.

For layered printing, all printing layers for the Roland VersaCAMM VS and VersaUV LEC printer series can for the first time be configured in a single job. This greatly facilitates and accelerates the processing of CMYK, varnish, White and Silver.

ColorProof 5.3 groups printers of the same model series, meaning that proof standards and spot colours can be used on all compatible printers. This particularly benefits remote proofing applications, since printers of a single model series with different media widths can be used at different locations.

Moreover, ColorProof 5.3 improves communication between the remote systems by FTP connection, as well as by automatic e-mail notification following completion of a remote printing job.

The product additionally optimises the use of proof printers with integrated measuring instruments. For instance, media wedges for GMG ProofControl Inline are printed and measured fully automatically at the remote location, the remote system being re-calibrated if necessary.

Protected remote jobs make for greater security when handling customer data. Only the medium format can be changed at the remote end, all other settings being protected against modification. Imported jobs and their settings are only saved for the duration of the remote proofing procedure, meaning that custom profiles are used exclusively for the respective proof.

ColorProof 5.3 also offers other innovations that save time in day-to-day work. For the first time, media wedges for internal measuring instruments can also be output with halftone proof simulation. The associated GMG ProofControl standards can be generated directly from the proof standard used. Moreover, paper tint simulation can be deactivated when creating a proof. The new Replace Image option now makes it possible to replace individual images, retaining all the existing settings in the process. In this way, manual jobs can be saved as copy for re-use at a later time. In addition, the assignment of individual spot-color channels and the job preview have been significantly accelerated, resulting in generally faster configuration of spot colours.