GM Installs Hot Foil Unit For Embellished Labels

GM Installs Hot Foil Unit

The new GM HF330, which can work either in-line with a digital press or off-line as a standalone machine, is enabling Eticom S.A de C.V. to add precision hot foil stamping and embossing in a single pass. This versatile yet compact machine features a 50 ton flatbed hot stamper with multiple foil streams for applying different colours and effects to the printed labels for exceptional shelf appeal.

Eticom invested in a second HF330 Standalone Hot Foil unit from GM to increase efficiencies and speed up delivery times of embellished labels. Founded over 22 years ago, Eticom first ventured into digital printing in 2009. Since then, the Mexican family company has grown to become one of the largest label printers in the Americas with over 200 staff spread across sites in Mexico and the United States. Serving brand owner customers in many different markets with both digital and flexo printed labels and packaging, the company already relies on GM’s innovative technology for its finishing requirements.

Commenting on the new investment, Carlos Ramirez, Production Director for digital at Eticom, said, ‘We are always looking to improve our production capabilities by optimising time, cost and quality. Now with a duo of GM HF330 Standalone Hot Foil units, we can not only add maximum value for our label customers with high-quality hot foiling and embossing, but also deliver the products much faster.’

He added, ‘GM is a highly trusted brand firmly positioned at the forefront of innovation in finishing, and we have seen fantastic results with their advanced embellishment technology over the years. As a great partner over many years, we have a long experience of their reliable support, and we know they are always there if we need to solve an issue quickly.’

Jos Kabouw, Sales Responsible for GM, Latin America said, ‘I’m very pleased that Eticom’s first HF330 was such a success that they have decided to add a second unit to their existing line-up of GM finishing equipment. Having foiling and embossing in one compact and robust tool is a massive advantage that also benefits Eticom’s customers by adding high value at a very cost-effective price point.’

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