Gerox Trading Recognised By Bytes Document Solutions As Concessionaire of The Year


Bloemfontein-based Gerox Trading, a Xerox business partner, has been named Concessionaire of the Year at the recent Bytes Document Solutions Sales Honours and Achievers Awards.

The award is based on business growth, number of units supplied to market, support of employee’s training programmes to further their skills, and customer satisfaction and retention.

‘It is great to be recognised by Bytes Document Solutions and Xerox for all the hard work and effort which has gone into achieving this accolade,’ said Peter Geyer, director, Gerox Trading. ‘We worked hard to achieve the targets set by Xerox. The award means the world to Gerox and confirms our outlook on business.’

Ronnie Oeschger, divisional director Xerox Channels at Bytes Document Solutions (BDS), echoed Geyer’s sentiments. ‘This is a just reward for the efforts of the Gerox team. Their performance has been excellent during a very difficult 12 months in which the economy has gone through much turbulence. For any company, in any sector, to increase its revenues in this period is a major achievement and one that we are happy to identify and reward accordingly.’

Through accreditation, Xerox builds stronger, long-term business relationships with concessionaires to capitalise on market opportunities and help generate more revenue. As an accredited concessionaire, Gerox trading has access to a full and exclusive range of sales, marketing and business support tools and services from Bytes Document Solutions.

‘Partnering with Bytes Document Solutions helps entrepreneurs to achieve profit and sustained growth,’ said Oeschger. ‘The concessionaire programme brings together a portfolio of products and services, skills development and support in a business model that enables current profits and an ongoing annuity stream.’

Geyer said that with the right support from a business partner, one doesn’t necessarily have to be the biggest to be the best. ‘When we focus on possibilities, we create opportunities that, with the right attitude, motivation and preparation, yield the right results. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, ‘Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe’.’

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