Fujifilm Will Help Businesses Meet Competitive Printing Demands At Open House Event


Fujifilm will host an Open House event from 1-2 October 2014 at the Gallagher Convention Centre, where they will showcase a wide range of print technologies and solutions, covering commercial, newspaper, wide format print applications and will demonstrate how these solutions can help transform your business.

According to Fujifilm, businesses can meet environmental demands by using processless plates that completely eliminate the processor and all associated chemistry, energy, water and waste. These plates wash-out during press start-up, using fount solution. The reduction in environmental impact is quite striking and pleases even the most environmentally-critical customer.

Fujifilm suggests that upgrading your plates to either processless or lo-chem offers great potential to increase your business’s productivity and reduce costs. These efficiencies show up in areas such as make-ready, waste, consistency, time to colour, plate restart, dot stability, ink and water balance, solvent resistance and run length. Improvements in these areas are tangible, measurable and become clear almost immediately after completion of the upgrade.

The labour of the entire printing process is generally a significant cost for printing businesses. Processless or lo-chem plate systems work to reduce labour costs by maximising press operators’ efficiency, such as the time it takes to change plates, effect a fast job change and restart the press. Companies should also improve waste management to benefit their business in a number of ways. Businesses reduce procurement costs of materials by wasting less and save on waste disposal or recycling.

Products on exhibit at the event are:
• XMF Workflow- highlighting how a high performance workflow system can improve automation and efficiency.
• XMF ColorPath- cloud-based colour management system which can improve colour consistency and the ability to print to ISO standards.
• ‘Lo-chem’ plate systems- Fujifilm’s Luxel Series thermal and violet B2 platesetters running the company’s benchmark Brillia HD PRO-T3 and ‘lo-chem’ plates highlighting how chemistry, water and maintenance can all be minimised.
• Acuity LED 1600-The Acuity LED 1600 1.6m roll-fed platform will be on show, highlighting the benefits of some of the very latest UV LED technology.
• Luxel News Max- The fastest newspaper CTP system in the World, the Luxel News VMAX, will also be on show running ‘lo-chem’ plates.
• Uvistar Pro8- will be printing high quality, super-wide format graphics.
•Acuity Advance- the biggest selling wide format flatbed platform in the World will be printing a wide variety of creative applications.

The Fujifilm's Open House will also comprise of a number of seminars, held every hour on the hour between 11h00 and 16h00, including speakers such as Fujifilm’s John Davies highlighting the impact that the right workflow can have on your business.

Daily Seminars will cover the following topics:
• Current trends in print workflow investments.
• How putting your workflow online can help streamline production and reduce operational costs.
• Taking complexity out of colour management.
• Explanation of Fujifilm's XMF Workflow print production and cloud based colour management systems.
• 'User Experience' demo of XMF Workflow, XMF Remote and XMF ColorPath.

During their two day Open House, Fujifilm will have a lucky draw every hour where attendants will stand a chance to win a digital camera.

To attend the Fujifilm Open House event, register at: http://fujifilmopenhouse2014.co.za

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