Fujifilm Demonstrates High Speed Inkjet Solution

Fujifilm Demonstrates High Speed Inkjet Solution

Fujifilm showcased its new Jet Press 750S High Speed Inkjet model from the Fujifilm Advanced Print Technology Centre in Brussels, during a live interactive webinar with various speakers. These included Mark Stephenson, product manager, who presented the webinar, Taro Aoki, head of digital press solutions EMEA, Kim de Prijcker, Jet Press demonstrator and application specialist and Simon Howe, solutions manager.

The machine’s key features are its new modes, namely High-Performance (HP) and High-Quality (HQ). As a result, users can expect savings in ink, cost and time. During the presentation, the machine’s ease of use was emphasised, as well as its no extra power requirements. The machine can switch between two modes depending on the requirements of the user. For increased speed, a new motor has been introduced, with different wiring and new boards to drive settings.

Other additions to the solution include new inks, new primers and extra software options for ease of use, with just the press of a button required to change speeds. The Jet Press 750S High Speed Model adapts to the demands of a constantly changing print market and is considered the fastest B2 inkjet press available.

Aoki and de Prijcker guided viewers through a demonstration of the machine and its capabilities, during which samples from photobooks and schoolbooks were presented after being printed in different modes. The ability to print in HP over HQ mode is useful for runs that require mostly black and white printing. This is especially useful for print service providers who don’t always need the highest quality. Howe presented various data slides which illustrated that over 12 hours are saved in HQ mode, and over 15 hours in HP.

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