Flint Group Launches New Sleeves With Easy-Mount Technology


Flint Group has launched rotec Smart and rotec Smart Premium with new sleeve construction to help customers work smarter.

The base sleeve of the newly developed rotec Smart and rotec Smart Premium has been optimised with easy-mount technology to increase both the ease and speed of mounting, and therefore improve productivity and make job changes faster.

The intermediate layer of the sleeve uses the latest advanced polyurethane materials to enable an up to 15% weight reduction and allow for easier sleeve handling. The rotec Smart Premium sleeve has an additional barrier layer, which delivers superior dimensional stability. The outer layer of the sleeve uses the same well-known and high-quality polyurethane that has proven its worth in other rotec products, which boast excellent scratch and solvent resistance to create a long-lasting, value-added product.

Flint Group continues to focus on innovative product solutions for its flexographic customers. Trends in flexographic printing are still moving towards shorter print runs and more job changes, all the while aiming to achieve better print quality with lower costs and improved health and safety. The new sleeves were developed with these challenges in mind, using new-generation polyurethane materials with a brand new, weight-optimised construction and groundbreaking, easy-mount technology.

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