Flint Group Introduces Biodegradable Cleaning Products For Flexo Printing Presses And Facilities

Flint Group Introduces Biodegradable Products For Flexo Printing Presses And Facilities

Flint Group Image Transfer Technologies’ Enviroflex biodegradable product range has been developed to deliver not only a safe work environment while performing daily maintenance or weekly/monthly deep cleaning, but also ensures delivery of the highest possible print quality and optimum Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

The products were developed for the superior cleaning of flexo presses, anilox rollers and rotogravure cylinders, flexo plates and flexographic printing facilities. ‘Our biodegradable cleaning range has minimal or no VOCs and balanced pH levels, providing a safe environment for employees along with looking after our planet,’ said Stephan Doppelhammer, Vice President Commercial EMEA.

In addition to providing a superior clean, Enviroflex has been developed to virtually eliminate the need for soda blasting and delivers reliable cell depth on anilox rollers and rotogravure cylinders. This significantly reduces downtime and the need for ink adjustments, saving on ink consumption and costs.

The Enviroflex cleaning range provides solutions for use with UV, solvent and aqueous inks:

– Enviroflex Aquawash: ISEGA approved general purpose cleaner for aqueous inks and coatings. Suitable for cleaning ink metering systems, anilox rollers, plates, ancillary cleaning equipment and most press room surfaces.

– Enviroflex Solvwash: an extremely powerful ink removing solvent for the easy removal of solvent based inks and coatings. Suitable for cleaning ink metering systems, anilox rollers and ancillary cleaning equipment.

– Enviroflex UV Wash: a low hazard plate and roller cleaner for UV ink removal.

– Enviroflex Daily and Deep cleaning systems: a very efficient, low pH cleaner. Virtually eliminating the need for soda blasting, saving downtime and costs. Reducing cleaning time by up to 40%.

– Enviroflex Powerclean AL: ISEGA approved and specially formulated for automatic machine cleaning of anilox rollers with aluminium parts. 100% safe and does not tarnish aluminium.

The biodegradable range of products can be used for a variety of applications on and off press:

– OEM drum cleaning.

– Flexographic plate cleaning.

– Deep cleaning maintenance.

– Specialised non-drip cleaners to prolong anilox rollers.

– Cleaners for removing lacquers, varnishes and for use in glue systems.

Michael Kellen, Vice President Commercial North America and Global Chemicals said, ‘Our ISEGA approved biodegradable product range provides sustainable cleaning solutions to support the packaging markets with responsibly built products and sustainable solutions.’

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