Flint Group Installs Nyoflex Xpress Thermal Processing System


Flint Group have installed a nyoflex Xpress Thermal Processing System at KECAI (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. The nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor incorporates the speed of thermal plate making with incredible plate and print quality and offers a smart design with an enhanced user interface.

The nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processing System is very convincing with its focus on innovations such as:

  • An intelligent configuration of the nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor that allows few components, leading to less maintenance, less downtime and lower operating costs.
  • Specially developed nyloflex Thermal Printing Plates in combination with the unique heating system that ensures high plate and print quality.
  • Engineered fabric of the nyloflex Developer Rolls is designed to be highly efficient and environmentally friendly.