Flint Group Announces Launch Of Rotec ULW Bridge


The new rotec ULW Bridge is an ultra lightweight polyurethane adapter offering up to 65% reduction in weight, a significant weight decrease improving safety and handling for press operators.

Developed together with customers, this new generation adapter has been validated in applications on plate-mounting equipment and on presses running up to 450m/min for the last 1-2 years. Ralf Venema, Flint Group general manager said, ‘Our team is focused on developing products to help the customer work smarter, faster and easier. The rotec ULW Bridge is an excellent solution for improved safety and easier handling at the printer.’

The rotec ULW Bridge is suitable for all press widths and offers particular benefits where higher wall thicknesses are most commonly used, such as in cantilevered mounter applications and unusually large print applications, including corrugated pre-print.

This ultra lightweight adapter is currently available with two different air supply systems – air sourced from the air cylinder (Unifit version) or from an external air source (Airo version). This new generation adapter is available with a wall thickness starting at 30mm and face lengths up to 2000mm. Additionally, the rotec ULW Bridge can be custom-made with special features such as the rotec Eco Bridge technology with a breathable metal ring, which creates an air pillow for easier and faster mounting, or the rotec Omega technology for conductivity properties.

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