EyeC Announces New Inspection Software

EyeC Announces New Inspection Software

EyeC’s newest software version, Proofiler Version 4.2, offers users of the EyeC Proofiler product line new features in Braille and code inspections, as well as other modifications.

Version 4.2 expands the Braille inspection function, which includes the detection of Braille dots that are embossed too high. An improved algorithm delivers more precise and stable results. Also new is the code consistency inspection, in which all codes of the same type are checked for the same content.

The sophisticated code quality check also ensures that incorrect code types are detected, even if the content and quality meet the requirements. The new ’45° Rotation Function’ also enables heavily nested and twisted ups to be checked on a Step and Repeat basis.

Thanks to numerous further developments like in the PDF Report and in the Independent Reviewer Workflow, the Proofiler Version 4.2 now adapts even better to the individual needs of the respective user and ensures an optimal user experience.


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