The trade show for innovative print technology for industrial manufacturing, InPrint, has announced that ESMA (European Speciality Print and Manufacturers Association) and IMI will collaborate in creating a Functional and Decorative Industrial Print (FDIP) conference programme at InPrint 2014.

The two day conference will be held from 8-9 April 2014 and will take place at the InPrint Show with the focus upon ‘Smart’ Screen Printing and digital inkjet within the industrial print production. The conference is centred on speciality screen printing and industrial inkjet and highlights the ‘best of both worlds’ with ESMA’s expertise particularly within the advanced functional print sector and IMI’s expertise within industrial inkjet.

Frazer Chesterman, Co-Director of InPrint said, We are delighted that our partners, IMI and ESMA have decided to collaborate to produce a 2 day conference at InPrint that tackles the key issues, challenges, developments and opportunities for industrial print technology for manufacturing. Both IMI and ESMA are experienced and successful conference organisers, and this development really takes the content of the event onto another level. 

InPrint provides the perfect platform in which our community can connect focusing on industrial print production. Smart screen printing still is the process of choice for growing areas of applications such as tablet and smart phone production and ESMA has successfully delivered speciality print conferences for many years. The experience that we have with Advance Functional and Industrial Print, Glass Printing and more recently Decorative Interior Printing Conference means we are sure will add significant value to the InPrint Show, added Peter Buttiens, ESMAs CEO.

Mike Willis, Director at IMI concludes, IMI enjoys the leading position within the field of inkjet conferences as we have played a key role with the development of inkjet and more latterly been part of the exciting growth of industrial inkjet. We have been involved with the development of the InPrint Show from day one and we are excited that IMI is a strategic partner to create a specific focus upon industrial inkjet to enhance the content of InPrint and the undoubted success the event will deliver.