Esko Announces ArtPro+ Software Upgrade


ArtPro+ opens any classic ArtPro file or normalised PDF file and turns it into a native PDF. Compared with other solutions on the market today, crucial production metadata, such as barcode properties, screening or ink information, are now not only maintained but translated into the latest PDF ISO specifications, and both the graphical content and packaging relevant metadata are migrated. This comes in light of the packaging print industry increasingly embracing PDF. 

Frank Woltering, product manager graphical editing at Esko said, ‘PDF editing is a critical stage in the prepress process, known for introducing errors that create waste downstream. Our latest version of ArtPro+ is designed to boost operator accuracy and efficiency by creating a highly productive user experience. For example, it ensures a full clear view of the document at all times without toolbars clogging the screen. For those new to the software, this means very little training is required to perform even complex tasks.’

One of the primary challenges facing prepress departments is that incoming files are not print-ready creating non-value adding and repetitive prepress work. Adopting ArtPro+ prepress editing software boosts operational efficiency as testified by Esko customer, Dennis Lison, prepress operator at Schumacher Packaging GmbH, ‘Since we’re using ArtPro+, we’re safer in the field of prepress and faster than before. Generating standards is much easier. We don’t have to worry about breaking data when we’re editing files. Esko is on the right track with the PDF editor and it will become a respected and successful product.’

Ensuring accuracy at the print stage, graphics can be warped in a non-destructive way to compensate for distortions in the packaging production process. With the increasing use of Esko ArtPro and PackEdge at tradeshops and converters alike, customers have developed warping grids that are now protected by ArtPro+. Notably, any PackEdge or ArtPro grids can be used in ArtPro+ for warping new designs and the latest algorithms create higher quality pre-deformation allowing for design changes even after the warping process.

With user productivity considerations foremost in the software design, the final step before plate production is to cross check the document against preflight profiles. Smart view modes alert the operator to avoid mistakes and the software flags violations of breakout and total area coverage limitations. Dedicated layers additionally prevent conflicts between the design and technical information, avoiding die-lines knocking out, for example.

Woltering added, ‘Esko ArtPro+ is a simple, efficient and effective tool designed to support customers, whatever their skill level. At Esko, we understand the prepress productivity challenge and work continuously with our customers to deliver next generation thinking across all of our hardware and software solutions.’


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