Epson Launches SpectroProofer-UVS For Stylus Pro Printers


Epson has announced the SpectroProofer-UVS, a new in-line spectrophotometer for its 43.18cm (17"), 60.96cm (24") and 111.76cm (44") Epson Stylus Pro printers. Developed jointly with X-Rite, and driven by industry-leading supporting RIP technology, these optional SpectroProofers provide automated colour management and verification-related tasks in a wide variety of proofing applications.

The new SpectroProofer-UVS models support the M1 measurement illumination standard and are UV selectable between M1 and M2. Additionally, the UVS models support up to 50 percent more patches per scan and slightly faster measurement times. The SpectroProofer series allows for colour consistency between the Sytlus Pro printers, making them ideal for commercial graphics, package proofing, and remote proofing applications. Current SpectroProofer owners have the option to upgrade to the new ILS30EP component of SpectroProofer-UVS models to ensure full compatibility with the latest industry standards.

Larry Kaufman, product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc said, ‘The new SpectroProofer-UVS models were designed based on direct feedback from customers, and build on the more than five years of success of the current SpectroProofer series.’

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