Enfocus has addressed the problem of missing fonts, the main obstacle to correcting PDFs, via an exclusive agreement with typeface provider Monotype. The agreement was announced at PRINT 13, taking place from 8-12 September in Chicago. 

Enfocus gives PitStop Pro 12 and PitStop Server 12 sites the option to connect to the new Monotype Baselineā„¢ platform, a new cloud-based service solution, when missing fonts are detected. Licensing the font for a special introductory rate of R15 ($1.49) per font, per document, permits embedding of the font in the file, allowing it to pass preflight and print successfully. As part of the terms of the agreement, Enfocus currently has exclusive rights to offer the Monotype solution for use in preflight.

Missing fonts is cited in survey after survey, year after year for well over ten years, as one of the biggest obstacles to timely PDF production, said Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager for the PitStop family at Enfocus. Speaking on behalf of 130 000 worldwide companies and individuals who use PitStop to preflight and correct PDFs, we thank Monotype for working with us to finally conquer the problem.

Bailes-Collins further says that an agreement between Enfocus and Monotype marries the best of what both companies have to offer, to resolve a long lasting problem. Enfocus PitStop can check a PDF file and find out if any fonts are not embedded, and Monotype has a very large collection of fonts. Together we are finally resolving the problem of missing fonts.