The company offered live demonstrations of its new range of 10 picolitre UV inkjet printers as well as an even more productive version of its award winning Rho 320R roll to roll UV inkjet printer and a host of other innovations at drupa.

New Durst Rho P10 Series

These printers comprise the most versatile and productive 10 picolitre printers in their class. They define a new quality standard for industrial production level machines without compromise between speed and quality. Furthermore, they provide unrivaled versatility thanks to their ability to print on the widest range of media including rigid material such as foam board, metal, acrylics and PVC and roll media including backlits, textiles and vinyls.   

At the heart of each printer are the new Quadro Array 10 printheads. This innovative technology creates the stunning fine art print quality with up to 1000 dpi resolution, finer tones and the option of additional light colours (light cyan and light magenta) for perfect colour reproduction.

This new series of mid-range printers is specifically designed to provide a level of quality that will allow for close up viewing of a wide range of advertising and corporate promotional material. Typically, they are ideal for indoor and outdoor signage, POP material, small to medium sized packaging and backlit luxury goods.  

The Rho P10 200 UV flatbed printer combines compact, robust industrial
design with production efficiency and reliability. It offers unrivaled
print quality without loss of speed and is capable of printing on the
widest range of different media, both rigid and roll.

New Rho 320R HS

The Rho 320R HS is a High Speed version of the market leading Rho 320R roll
to roll printer and offers the same flexibility and photorealistic
quality but at a maximum speed of up to 140sqm/hr in 4 or 6 colours.

It will print large rolls with a diameter of up to 600mm and a width of
3.2 m (or 2 rolls of 160 cm each) and is capable of unattended printing
for maximising productivity and cost saving.

The outstanding productivity is a result of further development of
Dursts own Quadro Array printhead technology. In addition to the
compact design of the nozzle outlets, the temperature of the ink is
precisely controlled via the ink feeding system and the inbuilt
electronics guarantee the size and accurate placement of the drops. This
provides pin sharp text as small as 4 pt. and banding-free full colour
images, without smoothing caused by overlapping the printing of ink
drops. This can result in unnecessary consumption of ink and a pasty
appearance of the print.

The new machine is capable of printing on the widest range of materials,
including paper, films, polyester textiles and vinyl and changing media
is fast and simple. With 24/7 reliability, maximised production
workflow and even faster turnaround the Rho 320R HS could provide real
profit opportunities.

New Rho 1000 Automated roll to sheet printing system

One of the
latest purpose built solutions for the Rho 1000s automated production
processes is the roll to sheet system. It features the productivity and
labour saving convenience of being able to load large rolls of paper
and, without pauses in the printing cycle, receive finished sheets cut
to size and ready for dispatch.

The Rho prints from a 250cm wide
jumbo roll and cuts to the required poster size using an integrated
cutter. The system maximises productivity and is capable of unattended
printing thus reducing labour costs. The system offers a heavy roll
device as a solution for high speed long run printing. It consists of an
unwinding tool and is equipped with two dancer rollers. It will handle
rolls up to a diameter of 60cm and a maximum roll weight of 600kg.

the centre of the system is the Rho 1000 UV inkjet printer with
continuous media transport. It is a high speed, industrial production
machine capable of printing up to 500sqm per hour.

The XY cutter
can handle numerous types of media with a maximum thickness of 0.8mm.
Even if prints are not parallel to the web edge, or the roll is not
wound straight, the cutter will follow the image or media edge. The
Durst stacker will handle multiple parallel stacks at the same time and
load them onto pallets ready for dispatch.      

New inkjet engine for industrial screen printing applications

The Durst Rho IP (Industrial Print) engine is a purpose built inkjet solution for industrial screen and pad printing applications.

It is a high speed inkjet engine which can be integrated into automated production lines and configured according to the application. The industrial production machine will also provide screen and pad printers with the highest levels of flexibility. This will enable them to profit from short runs, print on demand and just in time production, whilst being able to print directly onto the widest range of media.

It is ideally suited for the production of membrane switches, instrument panels, dashboards, cover plates (e.g. for washing machines) and small items typical of pad printing applications.

The Rho IP engine offers the highest quality print, including finest text and solid lines and also perfect edge sharpness and registration. For printing on smaller items, templates can be mounted onto the table. 

The modularity of the machine will allow up to 5 ink channels (CMYK plus white) and there are 6 printheads per channel. The print engine can be equipped with up to 15,000 nozzles producing a printing speed of 8 seconds per table in single pass mode, or 20 seconds in per table in scanning 4 colour mode including Variable Data Printing, if required. The standard table is 300 x 600 mm.

The innovative vacuum table uses mechanical pin registration and the vacuum is applied through microscopic pores in an aluminium plate.

New industrial inkjet with fine art printing quality

The new Omega 1 UV inkjet printer defines a new quality standard for sign makers, graphic display companies, screen printers, photolabs and studios. It provides fine art printing quality at an industrial production level, all from an entry level machine.