Duplo Announces PFI Brand


Duplo will be introducing new branding to help open up global market opportunities with a wider product range. Print Finishing International (PFI) is a former name of Duplo International Ltd, which is why it has been chosen as the name for the sub-brand. PFI will cover a multitude of new market channels, though not its core business of booklet making, and represent up to 30 per cent of total turnover.

PFI-branded products will be specified and quality controlled by Duplo, but built outside of its main manufacturing facilities. All will be subject to the same rigorous controls and will be representative of Duplo’s values of automation, precision and quality as a pioneer in print finishing. The name PFI is a sub-brand of Duplo that will be applied to specific product lines. Some models within binding, coaters and cutting systems will in future come under the new Duplo PFI brand. The sub-branding enables another extension of Duplo’s business to capitalise on new opportunities.

Alex North, Duplo’s head of commercial said, ‘As an international player dedicated to developing best-in-class technology through extensive R&D, it is a natural step to introduce new branding as we continue to build our operations across the globe. ‘Duplo has an unrivalled reputation as a print finishing innovator, but we can see opportunities to extend our reach in the market by developing further products in line with our beliefs and values.’ He added, ‘In addition, there is a huge amount of history and pride in the PFI name. It’s a win-win situation as our business continues to grow. Duplo remains our overarching brand and business name and that is not going to change. We are not replacing the Duplo name.’

The first products to carry the PFI brand name are the relaunched perfect binder models that will now come under the names of PFI Bind 6000 PUR, PFI BindD 6000 DUO, PFI Bind 2000 and the new UV coater, the PFI Coat 300. ‘Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in developing and expanding Duplo International’s range of products,’ said Alex North. ‘The new systems feature innovative technology, slick design, robust quality and automated operations.’

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