DigitalView Hosting Live Demonstrations Of eXact2 Next Generation Spectrophotometer

DigitalView Hosting Live Demonstrations Of eXact2 Next Generation Spectrophotometer

DigitalView will be introducing the eXact2 colour measurement device, developed by X-Rite and Pantone LLC, with live demonstrations to be held in three of South Africa’s major cities.

The next-generation non-contact handheld spectrophotometer is designed to bring the ink, print and packaging workflow together in one device. Using patented, first-of-its-kind Mantis™ video targeting technology and a ‘two taps or less’ touch-screen interface, eXact 2 enables operators to measure and seamlessly verify customer requirements two times faster and with higher accuracy. The speed, precision, and unparalleled data connectivity of the eXact 2 help operators streamline workflows, reduce waste, and free up capacity to generate revenue.

The eXact 2 makes it easy to capture colour data and seamlessly integrates with the X-Rite ecosystem of software from colour specification, ink formulation, and quality control software via Wi-Fi. Built-in process control tools for the ink kitchen and pressroom support G7, PSO, and Japan Colour. Embedded software capabilities include X-Rite NetProfiler for device optimisation, InkFormulation Software, ColorCert Suite for print quality control and reporting, and PantoneLIVE for digital colour specification and communication. This connectivity enables printers and converters to meet quality standards 17% faster.

The device has a new adjustable tilt touch screen and an easy-to-use ‘two taps or less’ menu structure for less time looking through menus and faster operator training. The Digital Loupe functionality provides dynamic zoom capabilities to capture and inspect the right spot without measuring print defects and saves an image of the measurement.


• Mark Minter, DigitalView owner: introduction of the eXact 2.
• Martin Hill, sales manager, X-Rite: customer presentation.
• Laura Minter, DigitalView owner: technical demonstration.

Dates, times and venues:

• Johannesburg, Monday 18 July: Holiday Inn, Sandton, 10am-12pm or 3-5pm.
• Durban, Wednesday 20 July: Holiday Inn Garden Court, Umhlanga Ridge, 10am-12pm.
• Cape Town, Thursday 21 July: Holiday Inn Garden Court, Victoria Junction, 10-12am or 3-5pm.

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