Dataline And Enfocus Launch App For Print Workflow

Dataline and Enfocus Launch App For Print Workflow

The MultiPress Connect app gives the user the best of both worlds: the powerful automation possibilities of Switch combined with the extensive and up-to-date information in MultiPress. The modular Switch platform from Enfocus offers versatile automation possibilities for prepress and print production workflow.

Through the MultiPress Connect app, the user shares all necessary CRM/ERP data with Switch, such as new or changed contact details, estimate and quotation information or updated order status. The receipt of files or, for example, approval of a digital proof version is also passed on immediately.

With the development of this MultiPress Connect app, it’s possible to optimise Switch with the data from MultiPress. With the application, all stored information from MultiPress is automatically linked to a job in Switch.

Enfocus’ modular Switch platform offers versatile automation possibilities for prepress and print production workflow.

The platform:

– Allows users to compose their workflows to partially or fully automate their production processes.
– Creates links between software applications, but is also open for connections with external partners.
– Has an appstore with ready-made apps from external parties. With these apps, users can quickly and easily add extra functionality to their Switch workflows and make easy links to the external party’s solution.

Davy Verstaen, Solution Architect at Dataline commented, ‘It’s no surprise that the Switch platform is rapidly gaining popularity and is being adopted across the graphic arts industry. Our team saw this development and believes that MultiPress users should also be able to benefit from this. Therefore, we decided to connect both systems using the new MultiPress Connect app.’

Angelo Manno, Global OEM & Strategic Accounts Manager at Enfocus added, ‘The Switch platform’s mission is to bring together the ever-growing range of quality software in the graphic arts industry. We are therefore thrilled to be able to add a major MIS player like MultiPress to our list of integrations. This is an important step towards full process automation for many customers.’

Based on these notifications from MultiPress, Switch processes the current information and subsequently takes the necessary action fully automatically. In turn, Switch feeds back data via the MultiPress Connect app, so that MultiPress automatically takes action. This feedback of data from Switch to MultiPress takes place automatically and without errors, which saves users a lot of time and money.

This is the only way to take the automation of the order flow to the next level: it creates a fully integrated solution, without the necessary intervention of order managers or prepress operators.

As soon as a customer approves a quotation and submits his/her files online, a preflight profile is selected based on the order information. After automatic preflight, the order status is updated and the customer receives confirmation that his/her digital proof is available. After approval by the client, MultiPress informs the Switch platform, after which the files are immediately processed further towards production.

Users can also automate all kinds of optional steps in the workflow. For example, an order for which the files have been received can be directly included in the planning to guarantee timely production. The required materials and paper stock are immediately reserved and, based on JDF, the files can be sent directly to imposition. The big advantage: nowhere in this process is it necessary to manually enter or update information. Discover the MultiPress Connect app on the Switch platform here.


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