DALIM Software Showcasing DALIM ES


DALIM Software will show how its DALIM ES solution can easily empower brand packaging, along with all marketing materials. DALIM ES features a digital asset management system and automated brand packaging workflow combined with the business processes of the brand product packaging life cycle.

From online approval to web-based production, it serves all supply chain participants, including brand owners, agencies, pre-media, printers and multichannel service providers. It will be showcased at ALL4PACK Paris from 26-29 November.

It is also important to manage both packaging and marketing promotion files together. DALIM ES offers easy collaboration and annotation along with digital asset management (DAM). Users can organise and publish a complete packaging and brand marketing platform to all channels. All activities, in-house or externally, are coordinated from design to final print, including regulatory compliance, localisation and versioning to ensure efficiency.

With the DAM capabilities of DALIM ES, companies can store all assets used in their projects, along with metadata. It allows for easy repurposing for new projects—or, it can make it easy to search for an asset with a specific dieline. It is particularly helpful for repurposing artwork for e-commerce and cross-media applications.

DALIM ES has received 10 Core Certification, widely recognised as elite status, denoting that a system satisfies the minimum 10 characteristic requirements of a successful DAM system. One of the greatest challenges to packaging is changes to text, which may change many times before printed. When designers are required to manually enter data onto the page, it significantly increases production time and it is difficult to ensure that no errors have occurred. A study conducted by a global CPG company revealed that 58% of packaging errors can be assigned to packaging content. Secure and efficient text management is a very sensitive key point for brand owners.

The 65bit EasyCatalog plug-in allows DALIM ES users to manage content and design by editing and maintaining text from outside Adobe® InDesign, directly linking to a text object. With a user-friendly check in/check-out feature, operators can quickly and easily integrate approved assets into new projects. It dramatically accelerates page make-up time and ensures packaging remains error free. Within Adobe InDesign, users can benefit from conditional text, threads, paragraph backgrounds and a variety of styles, much more than from Adobe® Illustrator, and with greater performance and ROI.

Thanks to DALIM SOFTWARE’s partnership with Silicon Publishing, ES Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud is a powerful extension to Adobe® technology that enables direct linking from Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to DALIM ES 5.5. Rather than creating copies of assets, ES Connector allows ES 5.5 to serve as the sole system of record. For Adobe InDesign, ES Connector offers unique low-level linking to multiple assets in the DAM. When an asset changes, the user is alerted and the asset is automatically updated to the most recent version. With Photoshop and Illustrator, single assets can be checked out, updated, and returned to ES.

DALIM ES is an exceptional tool to simplify complex data preparation and analysis alongside a business packaging workflow. To identify bottlenecks, in DALIM ES users can create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Managers can track performance by the number of projects (for example, broken down by region, department, or time period). They can also analyse the number, average, minimum and maximum approval cycles, as well as activity workload. They can investigate how rejections occurred. This enables brands to plan and track their time to market and launch new products while they can still influence the market.

In addition, DALIM ES offers fast and easy-to-use soft proofing. DALIM DIALOGUE Engine soft proofing helps to streamline approval cycles and meet deadlines quicker. DALIM DIALOGUE is an easy solution to check content, with bar code detection and capabilities to inspect each colour channel.

DALIM ES also lets users share 3D files and view, annotate and visually compare differences between two 3D models in files such as samples of labels on cans or bottles. This helps packaging departments inspect boxes and other packages prior to print. It also helps to repurpose computer generated images, for instance, marketing communication projects for new products even before the first prototype is produced.