Dalim Reveals ES 5


The fifth edition of this integrated media production platform offers a complete solution for the content management and production of the many aspects of media services, regardless of final output—print, packaging, large format, web, e-book, video and more.

What makes Dalim ES significant is the combination of Dalim Software’s production automation system used by major international printers and publishers for nearly 30 years along with a robust asset management system supporting work in process content production.

‘Dalim ES is an extremely complete enterprise solution for producers of marketing or any other content. For the enterprise, there are really two implementations of digital asset management (DAM) systems,’ noted Frédéric Sanuy, Dalim Software, Solutions Architect – DAM Manager. ‘One is as a traditional asset management system that acts as a conventional file repository to archive and host content for syndication, or to hold content for future use and repurposing. The other and this is the less common example—a tactical work-in-progress (WIP) system that makes it easy for companies to access and produce content. Within Dalim ES 5 is the very exceptional example that offers both, as well as a complete media production and business management system to oversee and create content, particularly for the entire print production chain. It’s why we feel Dalim ES is ‘Enterprise workflow meets Enterprise DAM’.’

Products and the technologies they’re based on change rapidly, as do the number of competitors. This means that time to market and finding ways of optimising it are critical components that directly affect revenue. With Dalim Software tools, users gain control over their product content development and approval processes and have access to all the key performance indicators (KPI) with one click.

Each action is recorded by Elasticsearch, a performance oriented indexing engine along with Kibana, a powerful and flexible reporting engine. It leverages the power of analytical capabilities and examines data intelligently. This enables creators to plan and track the progress of projects through a powerful interface that empowers every line of business to make practical use of data collection.

Users can work from within any of the Adobe Creative Suite applications to access content from Dalim ES and then move forward within Dalim ES to prepare the content for print, Web or any other media forms. Dalim ES also offers a way to manage and ingest augmented reality graphics through seamless integration with provider Augment. The Dalim ES DAM features can automatically catalogue, enrich and share 3D augmented reality models. Meanwhile, a link to CHILI Publisher Link lets the operator edit a document directly inside ES. When a document is selected, CHILI Publisher is automatically launched and the document can be remotely edited.

Dalim ES also has open connections to extensive content libraries such as IDSPictureDesk and Getty Images, sharing metadata to enhance a complete workflow. Images can be selected and easily published to Dalim ES for use in work in process.

For those who need to ensure accurate content and colour, the new DALIM DIALOGUE Engine, a FograCert and SWOP® certified soft proofing solution, offers accurate softproofing at its best, whether reviewing documents from a desktop or a mobile device. DIALOGUE Engine is also the ultimate tool to oversee files on top of the DAM, enabling photographers and their clients to review and mark up their raw files. A new DALIM ES 3D media viewer interface mirrors that of Dalim Dialogue Engine. Annotations and notes can be attached to a specific part of the 3D file, with the ability to move as users turn in three dimensions, introducing a new user experience. They can compare different revisions in a number of ways to quickly identify changes important to quickly find and fast-track design changes for packaging. A new and improved media viewer supports both video reviewing and sharing.

Version 8 has been built to process files faster than ever, along with file security that goes along with supporting the latest Ghent Workgroup 2015 specifications. Dalim TWIST 8 extends the software’s reach beyond its traditional print production and image workflows to support media production for the brand enterprise. In doing so, production automation is expanded from business process management to final file processing, from preflight to image handling to 3D files.

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