CRON Adds New Plates To Portfolio


The new plates, launched at drupa 2016 (31 May – 10 June), are sold under the Blackwood brand and are designed to not only improve efficiency but also enhance profitability, while enabling a higher level of environmental responsibility.

The new Blackwood Emerald UV plate is unique as it minimises the consumption of chemicals and water for UV exposed plates. With a simple ‘wash out’ bath, plates are press-ready in seconds and exhibit perfect dot reproduction from 1-98% for either stochastic screening (20 micron) or conventional screening up to 200 dpi. Run length is up to 50000 impressions without baking (20,000 for UV ink).

The developing solution of the ‘wash out’ bath is non-toxic and non-corrosive. The plate will be available in the second half of 2016.

The new Blackwood Emerald-TP thermal plate is compatible with all thermal platesetters and requires no processing or post-image washout. Mounted directly on the press after imaging, it delivers exceptional printing characteristics with a tonal range of 1-99% in both conventional (200 dpi) and stochastic screening (20 micron). Run length is up to 150,000 impressions without baking. The plate will be available in the early part of 2017.

‘CRON’s investment in plate technologies is intended to position us as one of the foremost suppliers in the world,’ said Mike Xiang, CEO and Founder. ‘Using the latest technology from Germany, we now run two parallel lines that incorporate stringent data collection and management control systems to monitor a multitude of plate production characteristics. With samples taken for imaging tests every ten minutes and an automatic rejection system for defects, customers can be sure of ultimate quality and reliability from our Blackwood range of plates.’

Other CRON showcases at drupa included:

EZcolordigital inking system

This enhances image quality, reduces ink usage and dramatically shortens the makeready time between jobs. Being modular, it can be retrofitted to any offset press.


Available in two formats: 900mm for label applications (and 1600mm for general packaging work. Both are compatible with all digital photopolymer plates, ablative films and polyester-based letterpress plates. Two versions of each model are available to enable users to tune production to their particular needs. ‘S’ variants have a maximum resolution of 5080 dpi as standard and an exposure speed of 1.3 square metres per hour. ‘H’ variants have a maximum resolution of 9600 dpi and a speed of 3.2 square metres per hour. Both use the same exposure platform, adapted from CRON’ s latest magnetic linear drive system which has gained much praise in the offset CTP market for its ability to image accurate and high quality dots from 1-99%.

The modular design philosophy of CRON’ s existing platesetters means that they can be supplied standalone or as a fully automated plate line, with feed, transport, punching and processing options for inline and unmanned operation. The latest addition is a new Autoplate unit, now available worldwide for VLF CTP units. Offering faster and accurate loading for the 100 plates that can be held online, the new combination is ideal for book and web offset printers as a lower-cost, latest technology replacement for existing equipment.