Comexi Showcasing Offset And Laminating Solutions


The digital revolution has changed the entire world and is now shaking up our industry as well. Comexi, along with many others capital goods manufacturers, is immersed in digital services. The Comexi Cloud has completely changed the way printers and converters manage all processes because the comprehensive online platform visualises, compiles, analyses, and stores all data.

It is composed of different digital services linked to the machines and the data these machines generate. It offers private, secure and real time machine information data allowing quick and easy integration and data exchange with existing management tools. Production Analytics is the fastest and easiest way to analyse production, understand data and processes, as well as know the job costing of the printing and converting process. This data gives the customer relevant production information enabling them to make the most appropriate decisions.

Through the data automatically being taken by the machine, including consumption of energy, inks and consumables, the module provides the total cost per square metre printed during a specific period of time. In addition to this, the platform also has the Comexi Ordering Online, which permits 3D visualisation of the customer’s digital twin machine, as well as accurately identifying the required spare parts at a faster speed. Maintenance Assistant is another main service which, in a future development, will allow preventive management of task maintenance. Customers have access to all machine documentation, which is always available and updated. The result is a comprehensive virtual platform, accessible from anywhere, delivering to everyone the required information needed to asses and improve their job, in turn becoming the perfect combination of machine, user and virtual platform, among others benefits.

Available 24/7, the Remote Support Service with Smart Glasses is a remote communication system that allows information sharing between field technicians and the support department in real time and vision. The use of these glasses has many advantages including the following: giving the Comexi help desk a real time view of the customer’s field of vision; offering hands-free videoconferencing; allowing the remote expert use of a red pointer to help and guide field engineers; enabling the help desk to capture and edit a freeze frame of the video call, type notes and send it back to the field engineer; allowing field engineers to view text files with simultaneous translation, pictures, electrical diagrams, pdf machine planes as well as documents that have been sent from support departments; and permitting the help desk to share on-screen information with field engineers. Additionally, the use of this system reduces machine downtime, improve efficiency during on-site machine maintenance, decrease travels and increase post-sales service satisfaction. With Comexi smart glasses, customer can easily connect to Comexi Cloud services.

The Comexi Offset CI press provides customers an optimal printing resolution with the lowest prepress investment and the fastest time to market. It is 100% free of solvent technology and has a very competitive running cost. Currently, Comexi is developing a new offset solution with 8 offset printing decks to better fulfill the needs of many label converters that print shrink and stretch sleeves, wrap arounds and in-mould labels with its technology.

The newly upgraded Comexi SL2 with 38.1cm (15 inch) panoramic screens features the integration of the Comexi Cloud system. As a result of this new configuration, the SL2 is a leap towards the Industry 4.0 and user interface excellence. Additionally, Comexi is launching a closed chamber rotogravure trolley for their multipurpose laminators and coaters, which will be especially designed for water-based coatings. The Comexi ML1 MC, which is belongs to the same line, is the perfect match for water-based coatings, as it requires high drying capabilities

Attendees to K 2019 will be able to see these innovations, as well as learn about environmentally friendly slitting solutions proposed by Comexi.