Colorgate Releases Productionserver Version 10


ColorGATE has introduced Version 10 of the Industrial Productionserver series for digital industrial printing.

In addition to the Industrial Productionserver Lab Edition, which specifically targets developers and manufacturers of industrial digital printing systems, such dedicated solutions as Ceramic, Décor, Packaging and Textile Productionserver are also new.
Other new ColorGATE products include Colorrizer, a new colouration software, and Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC), an extremely fast colour measurement system, which, together with the Industrial Productionserver variants, focus on the entire digital production workflow from the creation of the design, to proofing and right on up to final printing.

The new application-specific Industrial Productionserver solutions are based on ColorGATE know-how in Colour Management and the intelligent control of printing systems and have been designed to provide all the functions required in the industrial area of application concerned. A software-integrated quality-control function and the innovative recalibration technology guarantee the colour-consistent future production of the same print runs at any time. The Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE), the world’s currently fastest, highest quality rendering platform for demanding graphics products, comes included.

The combination of Productionserver and APPE supplies printing systems with a constant stream of graphics data in highest quality and speed. ColorGATE’s unique Ink Saver technology for lower ink costs is also optionally available for the new Industrial Productionserver solutions.

Complete workflow and Colour Management solution specially developed for digital ceramic printing. The Ceramic Productionserver functions as a central printing data management system to provide highest process efficiency from design right on up to the finished ceramic product. It is able to process all the conventional file formats, including multi-channel files, and creates separations/printing data for all the ceramic printers of different manufacturers. The individual functions are integrated specific to the application in order to close gaps in the digital workflow.

It is equipped with all the calibration and profiling tools required for printers and proofers and also allows a colour correct display of multichannel files. Ceramic Productionserver can be used across different manufacturers’ products because ColorGATE works together with many different manufacturers of printing systems and printing system components.

Thanks to an expansion of Colour Management technologies, it is possible to convert ICC-based Colour Management from any input colour space to any output colour space. As a result, multichannel data can be reproduced correctly, regardless of the colour configuration of the source data with respect to the target colour system: from RGB, CMYK, CMYKplus or nColor to RGB, CMYK, CMYKplus or nColor.

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