Color-Logic Announces New Version Of Decorative Effects Palettes For Print

Color-Logic Announces New Version Of Decorative Effects Palettes For Print

New Pattern-FX Volume 6 adds dimension to prints using decorative effects palettes. With over 100 unique effects achievable in each volume, users can create eye-catching designs in a matter of seconds and give their print sparkle, or use one of the company’s pre-defined patterns as a micro emboss plate, or intricate varnish layer. 

Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing, Mark Geeves, said, ‘In recent years, patterns have become a key element of graphic design. Color-Logic Pattern-FX volumes are illustrator palettes which incorporate the Color-Logic special effects and make pattern usage effortless, predictable and reproducible. They can be rotated and scaled, and since Color-Logic colours can be gradated, two or more colours can be used within one pattern.’

‘When using the six Pattern-FX volumes together with the 924 metallic colours in the Color-Logic Design Suite, graphic designers have access to 665,290 predictable and reproducible embellishment patterns with just a few mouse clicks, although with scaling and rotation, the true number of print embellishments is essentially unlimited. In addition, with Color-Logic Gradation-FX, graphic designers can blend metallic colours into other metallic colours for each pattern or blend process colours into metallic colours for use on conventional or digital presses.’


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