COLOP Launches Electronic Marking Device


The e-mark is a mobile (battery-operated) electronic marking device based on inkjet technology that functions in combination with an app and with which it is possible to apply full colour imprints on a variety of materials with a simple sideways movement.

With an app developed by COLOP for smartphones or tablets (Android and iOS) as well as a software for PCs, individual imprints can be designed. Templates, texts, logos or photos can be stamped in full colour. Date, time or numbering functions are included, as well as a barcode and QR code generator. Via WLAN, the data can be sent to the e-mark (or via USB cable from the PC).

The device enables the application of imprints to any ink-absorbent surfaces – from paper to wood, making it ideally suited for the office as well as for private end users.


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