Canon SA Celebrates Annual Green Month By Cleaning Up Communities


A team of environmentally conscious employees from Canon South Africa, recently rolled up their sleeves and headed to Boksburg on the East Rand to help clean up part of the New Jerusalem community. They were joined by volunteers from Segametsi Hope, Canon SA’s partner in the CANON Segametsi SOLAR Light Project.
Sweeping through the area, near Main Reef Road, the volunteers collected over 22 bags of litter. The area underwent a dramatic transformation over the course of the day as volunteers worked to pick up discarded packets, papers, cold drink tins, bottles and other items. The initiative was part of Canon SA’s annual Green Month, which is aligned with Arbor Day, Spring Day, Recycling Day and SA Clean-Up Day.
New Jerusalem was selected for the clean up as it is where the site office of the CANON Segametsi SOLAR Light Project is located. The project installs solar lighting units into households in areas such as squatter camps, rural areas, as well as areas with electricity access but where many households are unable to afford it.

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