Agfa Graphics Expands Options For Advantage N Platesetters


Agfa Graphics is expanding the load capacity of Advantage N platesetters with two new options for its Advantage N-TR and Advantage N-DL families.

• For Advantage N-DL and TR (max 300 plates per hour), the new FlexTray configuration allows for loading up to 1500 single plates of one size.
• For the Advantage N-TR HS and VHS (speed range 350 and 400 plates per hour), both the same FlexTray can be installed and an additional FlexTray for 100 single or pano plates adding up the total to 1600 plates.

Emiel Sweevers, Marketing Manager for Newspaper Engines, Agfa Graphics said, ‘The benefits for the printer are clear. Longer plate production autonomy and therefore less production stops due to plate reloading, reduce manual loading errors and result in more sustainable pre-press operations.’

Agfa Graphics’ Advantage N series meets the requirements of all newspaper printers, including smaller local printers as well as high-volume heavy-duty printers printing hundreds of thousand newspaper copies each day.
‘WPE for Agfa Graphics is the place to show our commitment to the newspaper industry both in mobile and in print,’ Emiel Sweevers continued. ‘Besides the new options for Advantage N, we will also show the new Attiro VHS and the new chemistry-free violet N95-VCF plate. At the booth we also demonstrate the Arkitex Production workflow and solutions for developing a mobile strategy with Eversify.’

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