Canon Launches New Website


Canon has launched its new website. Designed to advance the company’s digital outreach, the new site brings together all of the business units and shared services of the company, providing a consistent web presence and enhanced customer experience.

With the launch of the intuitive and dynamic site, Canon Solutions America is primed to showcase a unified brand on the web that exemplifies the company’s commitment to solidifying its place as an industry leader.

Toyo Kuwamura, president and CEO of Canon Solutions America said, ‘I am very excited about this new site, and proud of all the hard work that has gone into its development. I am confident this fresh, new look and feel will present us as one company with one vision, and will be a true showcase for the forward-thinking company we have become. It is an exciting new chapter in our history.’

A key component throughout the development of the site was the focus on creating a friendly experience while keeping the customer in mind first and foremost. It is structured to be more interactive, easily navigated, and educational for users. At its core, the website is solutions-based, keeping in line with the direction of Canon Solutions America and designed to get their message out to the market.

The key goals of the site include enhancing product and sales office finders, and supplying thought leadership content. The aim is to be informative and engaging, providing case studies, video testimonials, white papers, and articles relating to vertical industries. Building on the Canon reputation for quality, Canon Solutions America wants to illustrate its unique heritage and promote its position as the company with the most knowledge and expertise.

During the process of building the site, Canon Solutions America consulted with several industry analysts and key customers. Early tours for the analysts provided very valuable insight, which helped with the direction of the project. The select customers who previewed the site just prior to launch had overwhelmingly positive things to say.

‘I really like that Insights and Expertise is in the navigation bar. It raises the level of conversation and positions Canon Solutions America as a trusted advisor,’ said Mark Emond, president and demand generation consultant at Demand Spring. He went on to say that it ‘makes it less product-oriented than the previous site and puts the company forth as the solutions-based Canon Solutions America.’

Jeremy Hess, director of sales and marketing at Gasch Printing added, ‘The Explore ribbon is fantastic. It’s the best part of the site.’

‘This is a project that we are very proud of and extremely happy to see come to full fruition. With the customer always in mind, we have created something that should meet their every need and serve as a reliable and intriguing site,’ said Kuwamura.

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