Callas Software Releases Major Update To Product Line

Callas Software Releases Major Update To Product Line

PdfaPilot v12 has improvements across the board, both in terms of functionality and processing speed. Both the desktop version of pdfaPilot v12 and the different solutions for automation and integration (the hot-folder based pdfaPilot Server, command-line based pdfaPilot CLI and developer version pdfaPilot SDK) are available for download.

Notably, pdfaPilot now has the ability not only to search for specific text throughout a PDF document, but now also to do full search and replace. And because following standards is paramount in the archival and accessibility space, pdfaPilot v12 has support for the Factur-X / ZUGFeRD 2.2 / XRECHNUNG standard.

An improved JPEG2000 encoder embedded in the product makes it possible to significantly reduce the size of images in documents; specifically for scanned documents. This can have file size reductions of up to 50%, which is very important when archiving large volumes of documents.

Callas pdfaPilot v12 now works together with the SaaS version of the callas License Server solution. License Server is an alternative licencing way for pdfaPilot where the software is not activated on a specific machine but gets its permission to run from a central License Server.

Where before this License Server had to be installed locally (which requires some technical know-how, especially when running a cluster of License Servers for redundancy), callas now offers the callas License Server in the Cloud service. This is a fully redundant cluster of License Servers maintained by callas, that can immediately be used (after purchase of the necessary process or credit cartridges).


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