Callas Software Announces Updated PDF Solution

Callas Software Announces Updated PDF Solution

Version 12.2 for the pdfToolbox product line includes a number of usability improvements to the Process Plan editor, especially for complex Process Plans.

It also adds additional functionality to Test Mode to be able to see the difference between the tested PDF file before and after corrections and snap view to identify individual objects. Apart from various bug fixes, this new version also includes new tools to further increase productivity and efficiency.

Other improvements include:

– An improvement to Context Aware Preflight (sifter) to allow finding objects that are too close in a group of objects (for example, find all cut contour objects that come too close to other cut contours).

– The ability to check values of user defined XMP metadata properties.

– The ability to treat text in a special way when pages are rasterised into images.

– Support for the recently released Adobe Acrobat 64-bit version on Windows.


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