Buyers Laboratory (BLI), an independent authority in the document imaging industry, has named Xerox as a winner at its 2014 PRO Awards. The Xerox Colour J75 Press was acknowledged as a best-in-class production print device, specifically for outstanding colour in the light- to mid-volume production section.

Having generated tens of millions of impressions on production devices from the leading vendors over several years, BLI’s production tests reveal the attributes that distinguish the most outstanding performers in a challenging evaluation that measures productivity, image quality, media handling, ease of use and more.

Paul Haglich, marketing manager for production systems at Bytes Document Solutions commenting on the accolade, the authorised Xerox distributor in 26 countries in sub Saharan Africa, said the award is well-deserved. ‘The Xerox J75 is an advanced device with a small footprint, capable of handling heavyweight stock and great colour management. It enables users to transform time into profit, and to increase quality and consistency, and is becoming a popular choice in the South African market.’
‘Easy to operate and offering excellent overall image quality, the Xerox Colour J75 Press is an outstanding choice in light- to mid-volume production spaces,’ said George Mikolay, BLI senior product editor for A3/copier MFPs. ‘Highly productive when running heavier-weight media and when switching between A4 and A3 output, the Xerox Colour J75 Press is all about simplifying and automating tasks that typically require much more manual intervention with competitive devices.’
An example is the J75’s new SIQA (Simple Image Quality Adjustment) software, which automates front to back registration, as well as a number of other image quality adjustments. ‘As opposed to operators having to take measurements from printed sheets and then manually enter that information into a utility, the SIQA software does the majority of work for you, automatically calculating the profile for different paper types, weights and sizes, and allowing registration profiles to be created for each drawer individually,’ said Mikolay.

The Xerox J75, which was tested with the EFI Fiery EX controller, also features a standard inline spectrophotometer that allows for automated colour calibration in order to maintain optimum and consistent output quality, which eliminates the need for the far more time-consuming method where operators have to manually scan target sheets via an external spectrophotometer. In addition to offering very good full colour output, the Xerox J75 produced better fonts and fine lines than competitive devices.
‘Colour management, alignment and registration is totally accurate with the Xerox J75,’ added Haglich. ‘Production and large in-plant environments rely on Xerox for their most critical and demanding jobs and the J75 does not disappoint. Ensuring that jobs meet the most exacting standards, it provides big press features in an affordable and versatile device.’