Business Increases Productivity With Screen Labelling Solution

Business Increases Productivity With Screen Labelling Solution

According to Impact Labelling Systems Company Director Evan Fox, the Screen Truepress L350UV+ LM printer enables his business to supply labels at competitive prices with extremely short lead times and provides a consistently high-quality product every time.

‘The fact that Screen’s technology is food and pharma safe, certified by Eupia, Nestle and Swiss ordinance, was very important to us,’ said Fox. It is the first Screen L350UV+ low migration press installed in Ireland.

Fox explained that lead times have become the overriding factor for customers in the current print market. ‘The Screen L350UV+ LM press allows us the flexibility and reactiveness to keep our customers happy. It allows extremely quick change-overs and minimal material usage when changing the medium. Digital printing opens a lot of opportunities for new customers and has been an essential part of our business for several years,’ he said. ‘In a world driven by efficiency, we pride ourselves on putting quality and service at the forefront of everything we do. Having state of the art machinery is a key part of this.’

In addition to manufacturing labels for customers in the food and drink business, Impact Labelling also serves a wide variety of other sectors, including medical devices, electronics and bio-chemical. Despite the uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, with some customers falling away and others growing, Impact Labelling held strong and saw demand increase in several areas. This has included producing labels for Covid-19 test vials in Ireland. Fox said Impact Labelling was glad to be in a position to help customers during the pandemic. ‘We’re looking forward to when they can return to full operation,’ he said.

Impact Labelling is the latest addition to Screen Europe’s customer base in Ireland, a market that is growing steadily and is in the process of making the switch to digital printing. ‘We are absolutely thrilled that Impact Labelling, a very focused family run business, has purchased the first Screen L350UV+ Low Migration inkjet press in Ireland. This deal was concluded following detailed discussions and market analysis and the provision of various samples on numerous substrates,’ said Richard Styles, Sales Director, Litho supplies, Screen Europe’s print equipment distributor in Ireland.


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