Box Manufacturing Company Anticipates Expanded Market Share With Heidelberg Speedmaster

Janak Patel, president of Ultimate Paperbox, with his Speedmaster XL 106-8+L.

After picking up several high-end cosmetic accounts, Ultimate Paperbox looked to the eight-colour Speedmaster XL 106 with coater, Prinect Inpress Control 2 and integrated Drystar UV to satisfy their clients’ needs for high quality packaging with a gloss-matte finish.

According to Janak Patel, president of Ultimate Paperbox, ‘The Speedmaster was the perfect match for us to produce at high speeds consistently, while also being able to give each package that extra pop on the shelf thanks to the unique capabilities of the press.’

The Speedmaster XL 106 can meet all of Ultimate Paperbox’s requirements with Prinect Inpress Control 2 on the press, which handles even the most complex colour critical job changes at the fastest speeds possible. This technology helps the Speedmaster XL 106 deliver the first measurable result in less than 60 sheets in under a minute.

Equipped with speeds of 18,000 sheets per hour, the Speedmaster XL 106 will help the company grow by about 15-20% in the next 2-3 years. According to Patel, ‘We’ve only been running the press for a few months, but our uptime has been about 90%. We’ll be able to get a lot more off the press and to packaging quicker thanks to the industry leading speeds and the UV and technology on the press.’

One of the technologies unique to Heidelberg is ‘Push to Stop’, which enables some jobs to be autonomously changed over without operator intervention and will continue to print until the operator interrupts it. This software system reduces the number of operating steps during a job change and enables all operators to achieve uniform results.

In order to increase efficiency and minimise makeready times, Ultimate Paperbox will be using Prinect Production Manager to generate presetting data that will optimise productivity at the press. The company will also be using a variety of Heidelberg Saphira Consumables including press wash, fountain foils, coatings and blankets. To stand alongside the company’s policies, Ultimate Paperbox is running California-approved Saphira wash, which means that it’s environmentally friendly.

According to Patel, ‘I’ve been looking to purchase a Heidelberg press for a long time; however, our company has just now reached the point where our productivity needs are at the same level as what a Heidelberg press can give us. I’ve always loved Heidelberg for their high-end printing and productivity levels.’


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